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Compiled for OzSportsHistory by Brian Membrey


Day Ten, Monday, December 3

8.30 am FENCING (Sabre - Team), St. Kilda Town Hall.

8.00 am SHOOTING, Williamstown.

8.00 am Running Deer - 50 Single Shots.

9.00 am Small-bore Rifle-3 Positions - 60 Shots.

9.00 am GYMNASTICS (Women) West Melbourne Stadium

11.00 am WRESTLING (Greco-Roman, Exhibition Building.

12 noon YACHTING. Port Phillii Bay.

12 noon Large Classes.

12.30 pm Intermediate Classes.

1.00 pm Olympic Dinghy Class.

2.00 pm GYMNASTICS (Women) West Melbourne Stadium)

2.00 pm CYCLING (1000 metre Scratch Race - Heats and Quarter-finals), Veledrome.

2.00 pm FENCING (Sabre Team, St. Kilda Town Hall.

2.00 pm SWIMMING. Swimming Stadium.

Springboard Diving Ladies - First .6 Dives.

100 metres Backstroke Ladies-Heats.

Water Polo.

2.30 pm HOCKEY (Semi-finals), Main Stadium.

7.00 pm WRESTLING (Greco-Roman). Exhibition Building.

7.00 pm FENCING (Sabre - Team), St. Kilda Town Hall.

7.00 pm CYCLING, Velodrome.

2000 metres Tandem - Heats and Quarter-finals.

4000 metres Pursuit Race - Heats and Quarterfinals.

4000 metres Pursuit Race - Heats and Quarterfinals.

7.30 pm SWIMMING, Swimming Stadium,

100 metres Butterfly - Ladies - Heats.

4 x 200 metres Relay - Men - Final.

200 metres Breaststroke - Men - Heats.

Water Polo.

Olympic Pool, 100 metres Ladies' Backstroke, Heat 2 Medal presentation for the 12-metre  Sharpie class, Gold, Peter Mandel (New Zealand), Silver (Roly Tasker (Australia); Bronze, Jasper Blackall (Great Britain). West Melbourne Stadium Evy Berggren of Sweden on the parallel bars as an official from Sweden stands by